The Boston area is working hard to add bike lanes wherever they can. As a biker, in principle, I like the idea.

But as I’ve watched a busy stretch of road convert from no bike lanes to bike lanes, here’s what I’ve noticed most: more people park illegally. Somehow the bike lane operates as a permission to “temporarily” park at the side of the road. This morning, for example, I had to weave around 5 different illegally (but “temporarily”) parked cars; before the bike lanes were added, I literally never encountered a similarly parked car.

Weaving doesn’t sound terrible, except I worry that drivers are less attentive when there’s a bike lane than when there isn’t one. There’s a subconscious sense of “that’s your space, and here is mine” that I fear makes them less attentive. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean cities shouldn’t install bike lanes. But they also need to adjust the rules about temporary parking. And schmucks need to learn that walking an extra half block to get your double tall carmel latte won’t kill you. Indeed, and as an extra bonus, it would make it even less likely to kill me (or a bigger concern, my kids).

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    Bike lanes should be physically separated from other lanes. There should be a curb there (hell, with bollards!)...
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    There are problems with Boston bike lanes that Boston should probably get around to fixing (by Boston here I mean...
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    Real talk from Larry Lessig: a lot of people in Boston (and I suspect other cities?) park in the bike lane, forcing...
  9. astudyinmovement said: Cities should install physical dividers on bike lines where this behaviour is particularly problematic.
  10. cincodenada said: It’s not often used, but here in Portland, OR you can write citizen citations for such things - document well and show up to court. Perhaps that would be a good tool here.
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    Yes, weaving between parked cars is very dangerous because overtaking motorists don’t expect bikes to pop out from the...
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    h/t to Matt Lehrer
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    I endorse all of this.
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  19. ninjatengu said: Growing pains, I hope. When Chicago started adding bike lanes, I saw this a couple of times, but I don’t see it as much anymore.

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