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Re: wifi greyed out after update to ios7

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Dear Apple

Im writing to you regarding issues around my iphone 4s. I upgraded the ios7.0 a couple of weeks ago, only to find one morning that my wifi was greyed out and could not access my wi fi. I started finding forum boards on how to fix, one of which was your board which was clear about resetting network settings. Which I did numerous times. I also made sure my modem/router for home had latest firmware and rebooted. Still did not work. I then resorted to a full phone reboot wiping out all memory and info on my phone. Still did not work. I did this a round of three times. Ending up with a phone that has the latest ios 7.0.3 and no wifi. I skipped all the drastic steps others seem to have taken such as putting in freezer or the one where I guy heats his wifi chip up to 300degrees which by the way seem to have worked quite well. So as we enter a Brave New World where huge monolithic companies such as yourself began to possibly test ways to take out old phones so that customers have to go purchase new ones saying you are not responsible for software ios upgrades. Well what about when the iOS takes out or resets a wifi chip that never will reset itself unless you heat it up with a heat gun!  Its been a couple of weeks and more and more people seem to be coming to these boards to say the same thing, mainly around the 4s. The issue I have with getting a replacement is that I purchased this iphone 4s from someone who upgraded to iphone5. Which means the serial number is not matching with my apple account.

The phone worked without fail and no issues before you created your untested 7.0ios system, but again I stress  if you create a ios that ends up taking out hardware. Well Houston we have a problem.

  Its been weeks where Apple has not made any announcement on this issue let alone taking a stand on stating what the issue is and what you are doing to fix it. Remember who made APPLE a success! It’s the people who loyally support your product and just because you have become the Goliath of the tech industry does not mean you can walk all over the little 4s people!  I will be the first one inline if someone with some money or some lawyer who had this happen to them to be a part of a civil action lawsuit against you, just for the fact that you have stood quiet while people struggle with this issue!

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    Yes. I believe there is a fundamental problem with the WiFi circuitry on iPhone 4S. We were able to have 1 iPhone 4S...
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  6. mastermorya said: There will be no class action because the TOS have a pre-suit arbitration and class action waiver, and five justices on the U.S. Supreme Court will vote to enforce those provisions every time like its their job.
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  8. unrational said: There are still a a number of threads about this on the apple support forums. Not sure this is the conspiracy you are suggesting.
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