So people are often intrigued by my “power point slides.” I explain, patiently, that my slides are Keynote. (Repeat: legitimate Free Software objection; repeat: criticism accepted). 

The latest version of Keynote breaks my slide show. (E.g., the deck that produced my TED talk now won’t work). That means I won’t be upgrading (or using the upgrade I already paid for). But given the slow but certain death of orphaned software, it also means it’s time to look elsewhere.

(You can see a full list of everything broken in the latest version here.)

I’ve been experimenting with Prezi, and so we’ll see if that’s an alternative. But I wonder whether there are any serious Free Software developers keen to do a rev of either Open or Libre Office’s slide app? I don’t have the cycles for an extensive commitment to this. But I’d be really keen to participate in a project to think about key improvements to make either really competitive. 

If you’re game, send something to comments at lessig dot org. 

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    I wonder which would be the best alternative for Keynote, too. I’ve not even opened the latest update and now got...
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    That’s right, LibreOffice Impress should be impressing.
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