I complained the other day that Apple’s inability to speak was needlessly wasting its customers’ time — that when an update makes a change that creates problems for Apple’s users, it would be really helpful to know whether that change was intended or not. So, e.g., did Apple really mean to hinder the functioning of Mail.app with Gmail? Were the changes in Keynote breaking backward compatibility intended or glitches.

Today Apple released an iWork roadmap — basically describing future changes to address problems or questions raised by its most recent update.

Or in other words, Apple’s found its voice.

This is a great news. Computer systems are wildly too complicated today to expect that updates will be seamless. So opening a channel of communication is an easy way to reduce the cost of unseamlessness (or whatever word that would be.)

Thank you, Apple.

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    This is really nice. Apple is not one to pre-announce in this way, but I’m glad they did it.
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