(1) What are the plans for accommodations along the way?  Camping?

We will find or provide a bed (and heat) for anyone who walks and needs one. 

(2) I saw that your website mentioned the potential of a support van, are you planning on hiking with full camping gear? None at all? Somewhere in the middle?

People are free to hike as they wish (though there will be safety requirements everyone must follow). The van will make it possible for people to just walk if they want to. Anything else you need, the van can carry. 

(3) How would you feel about having me along for the duration? I don’t want to impose if you were expecting more periodic drop-ins from participants.

We would LOVE more walkers along for the duration. Of course.

Anyone interested can sign up here. But if you’re thinking of joining us, please sign up. We need to begin a conversation about training and safety, and need to be certain we can meet the obligation in answer #1. 

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