Over the past  couple days, walkers for the NHRebellion have been introducing themselves to each other on list. This one from Greg, speaking of Aaron hit hard: 

From the first email announcement I have been happy to have been given the opportunity to do more in supporting the work Aaron has done.  

I am a vet.  I think of him as a brother vet.

I was in uniform, he did not wear one.

My friends and neighbors “selected me” to serve, I think others have also served, just not formally via a letter from their draft board.  

I had the full weight and support of the government at my back, mostly… maybe… at least they said they would be…,

Aaron, I believe had it on his back. Far too much for any individual.  

His memorial service in Manhattan changed me deeply by remembering my own life being on the line for my own young convictions. 

I have not gone a single day since without spreading his name and message to anyone I have been able to speak to.  By far an encouraging experience for me, but so terribly inadequate for who he is, and what he stands for, as do I.

This little hike in New Hampshire helps.

Peace, Greg. I’m looking forward to walking with you.

You can follow the walk at nhrebellion.org.

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