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NHR-walk: What we NEED now.

A week and a day until we begin the walk. Just off the penultimate organizing call. Here’s what we really need now: 

(1) An RV Driver: We’re going to have a follow-on RV (to provide protection and services), and would love to find someone with experience willing to drive.  We found a driver!

(2) Walk webmaster: We’ll be producing a ton of content that we want to feed to the site. Looking for someone with experience with NationBuilder at least, but that plus ideally.

(3) Beds: Still have need for some beds. You can see where here

For (1) and (3), please followup with japhet at nhrebellion.org. For (2), email me at lessig at nhrebellion.org. 


  • Posted 3 months ago
  • January 3rd, 2014

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