It was a tough day one. It will be a long and even tougher day two.

We began in Dixville Notch, and walked 10 miles through the rain. (A “notch” is narrow pass between mountains; Dixville Notch is the narrow pass between before and after the primaries begin — assuming the renovations get completed in time. )

I guess rain was an appropriate mood for the day. That mood was balanced — it was saved — by the endless enthusiasm of the dozens who had shown up to march. Two women had driven from MIT to walk in memory of Aaron. One from New Haven (beginning at 3 am to get there in time). Their stories are incredible and I’ll be more careful today to get permissions to tell more about who these walkers are.

The best story from yesterday was at a logging site. The owner was an “independent” from the Tea Party. We explained what we were doing, and he shook with agreement. His issue was the debt. “We’ll never,” he told us on film, “solve the debt until we get the money out of politics.” 

Today will be twice as long. It looks like no rain, but no doubt, there’ll be endless ice. We may get snow in the late morning. But the thing I’m worried about most is just the difficulty of the distance. Twenty one miles on ice won’t be easy. (Though neither will ending the system of corruption in DC…)

In December, I took my daughter (4) to Cinderella on Broadway. As I walked through the incredible beauty of northern New Hampshire, covered in snow, fog hiding just parts of the mountain, the refrain from the prologue kept returning: 

"It makes you wish that the world could be as lovely as it looks."

We’ll see.

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