Our second day was perfect. A tough walk, but beautiful weather, in the most incredibly beautiful woods and fields of New Hampshire. 

At this stage of the walk, we’re largely isolated. But the walk is clearly known, as people are constantly stopping along the road, or honking with their thumbs up as they pass. We did some door to door at the end of the day, waiting for a pickup. The guy opened his door (in really fancy pj bottoms), with: “hey, welcome, how’s the march?” 

I’ve been having fun with one particular shtick. Our most recent poll found 96% of Americans answered “important” or “very important” to the question: “How important is it to you that the influence of money in politics be reduced?” (68% “very important,” 28% “somewhat important”). So I’ve taken on the challenge of finding the 4%. We met a couple state rangers who had just policed an ice fishing pond. “Are you,” I asked him, “one of that 4%?” “Hell no,” he told me. “And you won’t find any of those people in New Hampshire.”

We’ll see. So far, he’s right. Not yet met someone who identifies as anything other than a conservative. Nor anyone who doesn’t believe the influence of money should be reduced. 

Today we have about 16 miles to cover on the way to Gorham. 

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