We’re about to launch the MayOne.US website to kickstart the “superPAC to end all superPACs.” (See the end of this year’s TED talk).

Still struggling to find  great iconic images. We’re looking for images that capture urgent American needs — ideally black/white, but not necessarily — such as abandoned factories, broken schools, pollution, mindless bureaucracy, out of control spending, Wall St, failing hospitals, crumbling parks/monuments.

The images must cut across the political spectrum, and all be legitimately tied to a “because government is failing we have this” argument. We can license images if necessary, cc-licensed ideally. This amazing series from Time should be suggestive. 

I’d be grateful for your help. Best to link or point in the comments below.

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  4. bartlmiller said: Why not images which embody the rich natural commons and innovative cultural mosaic of America?
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  7. redirie said: "because capitalism is failing we have this"
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  10. furippupauplus said: One of the best resources for this sort of thing is flickr. Search or just look for say an “urban decay” group etc. and browse the gallery. Many photogs use CC licenses, many others I’m sure would be ok to consent to use of images.
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