Tuesday’s my birthday.

Wednesday we launch Stage 2 of the #MaydayPAC challenge: $5M in 30 days.

Impossible I know. But we’ve done impossible before, and we can again — if you help!

So here’s the one birthday gift I’m asking for: Join our Thunderclap campaign

Thunderclap is an incredible tool built by a friend to coordinate social messaging. You set the message, and it will send your message to your friends and followers at the same time it sends the message of everyone else to all their followers. Think of it as a Superbowl ad for the Internet — but free! And they don’t keep any of your personal information, and certainly don’t keep the list of your friends!

So I know you’ve not yet had a chance to get me anything. That’s ok. Really. But here’s your chance: Join by June 3 so we can launch big on June 4.

And thanks for humoring some lame birthday humor. 

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