I spent my birthday walking with the incredible team behind the CA March for Democracy. Kai Newkirk from 99Rise organized this 480 mile trek from LA to Sacramento. He had walked with us in NH, and I was eager to see the meme of walking for reform spread. 

The day gave me lots of time to think through the most difficult decision to date about the #MaydayPAC: How we raise the next $5M.

For in truth, $5M is more than 5 times $1M. The challenge — and the risk — is much much greater. Many on the team are afraid that we will get part of the way, but because this is an all or nothing campaign, we’ll lose what we get. Some were pushing me to restructure the plan into a series of $1 million campaigns — 5 in all — so that if we get just $2M or $3M, we’ll still have at least that. 

I was a tough decision, and like every such decision, one I may well regret. But it felt there was an issue of integrity here — this is what we, or I, said we would do. So to resolve it — finally — I made this 2 minute video in the field where our walk ended (after a shower, and a couple calls with friends, just as the sun was going down, and with a supersized fly (representing dark money I think) added for free).

$5M or bust from lessig on Vimeo.

If you can, please pledge. Whether you can, please spread the word: Mayday.US.

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