I published my first piece on Medium — long, serious, an effort to answer carefully questions raised about the purpose and objective of the #MaydayPAC.

I LOVE THE PLATFORM. The technology gives readers the chance to comment (and correct — GRATEFUL for the discovers of tiny typos) at the paragraph level. Comments are short, but that forces real comments. The idea of the platform the platform really achieves — it is the beginning of a conversation with readers, much more seamlessly and effectively than the standard post+with+flamewar+in+comment+section pattern of blogs, etc. 

In theory, at least. I apologize to those who have written great comments so far. Some bug is blocking my ability to comment back (the replies are not being saved). My editor tells me they’re working on it. I’m hopeful they’ll get it fixed soon. 

[UPDATE: All fixed. Thanks Medium.]

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