So Craig, founder of Craig’s list, is famous for doing his own customer support. I’ve recently learned how hard that can be. 

In a rookie mistake, when we set up our Stripe account to service the MaydayPAC account, I put in my cell phone number. Stripe then put that on the credit card charge. Because we charged people in May long after they had pledged (because our campaign was contingent, and we would only collect when we got the $1M matched), it was weeks between a pledge and someone seeing the bill on his or her credit card.

So many people call my cell phone to complain. It’s striking how similar these conversations are. Usually there is someone who is incredibly angry. They’re sure I’ve stolen their credit card number. But within 10 seconds, the usually (90% of the time) remember and are then insanely apologetic. I get a great chance to thank them for their contribution. It usually ends on a happy note. 

But during the heaviest call period, I put a special message on my phone explaining the same thing, and asking people to leave a message if they wanted me to call back. For two weeks people called, and no one left a message. 

But then I discovered (for reasons I’ll explain later) that my voice mail box had been rerouted, they had not been getting the message, and I do not have access to any messages they might have left. Two weeks of non-responsiveness — Craig would have me fired!

If you’re one of the people who called (unlikely, I know, as if you’re reading this you should know what the MaydayPAC is), I apologize. The first lesson of great customer service is DO NOT LOSE ACCESS TO YOUR VOICE MAIL BOX.

 Oh, yea, and if you want to pledge, do so here

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