A week ago today, we watched as thousands raised more than $1.5M for the #MaydayPAC — a commitment to fundamental reform in the way Congress funds its elections. It was electrifying and amazing, and many of us heard the first fireworks as we crossed our $5M goal. 

But it just so happens that the most important money in politics race this year may not be in Congress, but in New York: Zephyr Teachout is challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo because of his failure to deliver on his promised corruption reform and public funding for state elections. 

If you’re a supporter of the #MaydayPAC, you should be supporting Zephyr and Tim. And if if you’re not a supporter of the #MaydayPAC but still a supporter of fundamental reform of the way money corrupts our politics, you should be supporting Zephyr and Tim. I know both of these amazing souls well. Tim is a former student of mine, and gave birth to the “network neutrality” debate. Zephyr has been an incredibly important inspiration for my own academic work and activism. I met her first when she was working for Howard Dean. 

Today is an crucial fundraising deadline for the campaign. If you can help, please do TODAY. Maybe we can start a weekly anti-corruption rally. Last week #MaydayPAC. This week Zephyr & Tim

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