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It is the last thing in the world that I want to do to continue the debate over the prosecution of @aaronsw. But my colleague, Phil Heymann, father of the line prosecutor, recently delivered a paper at a faculty workshop criticizing my views and others. A number of people have asked me for a response. Here is the response I circulated, and all I’m going to say just now. 

I was very sad (irrationally so, as I spend way too much time preparing for talks) that the AV wizards didn’t have audio during my talk at Aaron’s DC Memorial Monday. Nonetheless, the event was amazing, and you should watch the other talks — especially by the conservatives. Issa’s words promise something important (the only one to talk about copyright). I was very encouraged by the event.

But the one thing that struck me, independent of the subject, was my amazing freshman (now senior) Senator, @SenWarren. There were many Members who showed up. Almost all of them wanted to speak. Almost none of them had time to stay for the whole event. And almost all of them were pulled constantly to their preferred brand of tech-distraction. 

Except Warren: She didn’t ask to speak, she didn’t check her blackberry, and she stayed the whole time, listening, thinking, and offering support at the end. 

I’m sure her staff will teach her someday that this not how politicians are to behave. I was glad to witness her before those lessons are learned. It let me dream — maybe they never will be learned.

When a law professor is given a “chair” s/he gives a lecture in honor of the honor. I am the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership. On February 19, at 5pm @ HLS, I was scheduled to give my chair lecture. After Aaron’s death, I asked the Dean to let me reschedule the lecture. But after some more thought, I’ve decided to make the lecture about Aaron, and about how we need to honor his work. Anyone is invited. More details to follow. And the event will be webcast. 

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